About Us

The North of England Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee, NEHAUC, is one of ten regional Highway Authorities & Utilities Committees (HAUCs). These regional HAUCs were created after the introduction of the 'New Roads & Street Works Act' to provide a forum for Highway Authorities and Statutory Undertakers (Gas, Electricity, Water, sewerage and Telecommunications) to discuss and review topics of mutual concern and interest. The other nine Regional HAUCs are as follows;


Anglian HAUC

OneRoadNetwork (previously

London HAUC)

North of England HAUC

North West HAUC

Welsh HAUC

West Midlands HAUC

South East HAUC

South West HAUC

Yorkshire HAUC

Scottish RAUC

The 'New Roads and Street Works Act' has put a new emphasis on minimising disruption to road users by providing a framework of procedures that ensures all works, are 'coordinated' to minimise the effects on the travelling public.

NEHAUC use the dictum 'Working together to the benefit of Highway Users'

which describes the positive and constructive attitude that has been developed between the members. Communications between the members of NEHAUC is essential. Representatives meet three times a year to discuss issues and formulate agreed working practices. The committee is supported by a number of working groups which are tasked with looking at specific issues. The North of England HAUC have developed this site to augment the existing procedures for communicating within the group.